The kitchen renovation

February 1, 2024

Hello, hellooo. Not really feeling like writing part II of the international move nightmare, but I do want to post about one aspect of it. Our house back on the island had been left open to the elements for years, so in the end it needed to be gutted completely. We’re talking a new panel box and electrical wiring, along with new floor tiles. 💸

Who ever has to shop for breaker switches?🥱

70 EC (or XCD) is about US $26.

Banking there is the worst, and we had to go to the “city” center every single day to withdraw money from the ATM and search for the most random materials. Sometimes we had to visit multiple shops just to find one part. I also had my job to deal with. And it was HOT. But we did it! The house is currently 75-80% there.

I basically put myself in charge of getting the kitchen together. I took measurements over and over, with witnesses, just to be on the safe side. We ordered kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, sinks, and some other stuff from Terillian Cabinets! 👍 Incredibly, the shipment weight was something like 3,000 pounds. Our island also imposes heavy duties on stuff coming in through the port. So although the price was great and shipping still wasn’t bad, customs required extortion-level money to actually pick it up. 🤸‍♀️

Here’s a shot of what the kitchen used to look like. Believe me, there was no salvaging this.

The tiles, and just the floor in general, were very uneven.

A carpenter came over and we knocked out everything in a few hours. 🔨 It was hot. He was so nice! We told him that we wanted him to install the cabinets.

This is after quite a bit of cleanup.

So the same carpenter came back and put everything together. Thankfully it all fit perfectly! He also generously went easy on us price-wise. And I’m pretty sure he didn’t even charge us for the demolition…but it was around Christmas time and we did pay him extra for that. 10/10 for vibes and work.

Downsized the main windows and moved the fridge spot.

I personally don’t like the backsplash, but my mom and sisters insisted that we use it since we had it! And tiles are expensive. I think it’ll also come together more once the microwave is in, which we somehow never got. It was marked as delivered and customs checked it off, but it…disappeared into some void.

My sister recently re-ordered the same one, so they’ll finally be able to finish the cabinets soon. Apparently, there’s something that needs to go on top.

So glad this is all in the past now.

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