Single indie eyeshadow swatches

June 27, 2023

A few weeks ago while I was sick and bored, I decided to swatch my single eyeshadows. I have a few others not pictured here that aren’t indie or in magnetic pans. I might swatch those another time.

Will I ever hit pan on anything here…

Here we have Lethal Cosmetics at the top in the square pans, Sydney Grace mattes in the white palette (and a couple metallics in the other palette), and then JD Glow (big pans) and Terra Moons in the black palette.

Lethal Cosmetics

Top, L-R: Altitude, Crossroads, Terminus, Cascade, Petrichor, Eden, Kindlewood, Nocturnal, Transmutation
Bottom, L-R: Astral, Rise from the Ashes, Stargaze, Limbo, Acolyte, Arcade, Aether, Synth, Rocket Fuel, Overdrive

My camera didn’t do a good job capturing the true colors. Especially Astral, which is way more blue shifty than just a silvery white shimmer. Terminus and Cascade are super close… Honestly, I wish I only bought Cascade. Kindlewood and Nocturnal are amazing browns! Limbo and Acolyte make for super pretty one-and-done looks. Rocket Fuel is straight up medium gray, and Overdrive is a lighter silver version of it. I love the idea of silvers/grays but too scared to really go for it when I pick up the brush…

Lethal eyeshadow pans are cute and the formulas are very easy to work with. πŸ™†β€β™€οΈ

Sydney Grace

Top, L-R: Snow Queen, Drift, San Jose, Pismo, Cool Brown, Concrete Road
Bottom, L-R: Summer Magic, Fairytale, Embrace, Predictable, Boss Babe, Officer

I wanted a bunch of ashy/dusty neutral and cool transition shades. Lots of lighter your-eyelids-but-better type shades. A few of them are quite delicate in the pan (Snow Queen), but most of them are almost creamy. When picking the colors, I tried to dupe my favorite shades from the Viseart 01 Neutral Matte palette that I owned years ago.🀎

Viseart Neutral Matte – Queen of the workhorse palettes. πŸ‘‘

Officer is one of my favorites as it’s not just great for deepening the outer V, it’s also sooo easy to make a cat eye with a brush. She’s also a unique color. πŸ† I had a few more mattes, but there was just so much more overlap that I gave some of them to my sister.

L-R: Tiara, Blondie

These aren’t the shiniest metallics in the world, but they’re very pretty. Blondie – perfect one-and-done. I only have two metallics from Sydney Grace, and they’re both A+! Tiara is a bit too smokey on me for daily wear.

JD Glow

L-R: Opal, Sin, AKA, Good Gawd, Sky, N-Sane, Fairy Acid, Unexpected

⚠ Unfortunately, I now know that JD Glow is anti-choice and follows the likes of Candace Owens 🀒, so I won’t be buying from them ever again, that said I’ll use what I already have. Hate to see it. 😬

So yeah… Unexpected is that girl. πŸ₯‡ It’s one of my favorite eyeshadows ever as it adds immense sparkle and dimension. There’s a lot more going on than the brown swatch there on my arm. I’m mostly disappointed in Good Gawd, which a lot of people seem to really like. It’s just blue blue blue. The camera doesn’t catch it, but it will turn everything blue. Sky has almost no shift at all, but it reminded me of my old Shu Uemura “Shupette” palette from back in the day.

Lots of memories attached to that blue.🌨️

Most of these JD Glow shadows are sort of toppers. Fairy Acid surprised me a lot, and it’s greener irl than it looks in the photos.

Terra Moons

L-R: Caesium, Rubidium, Palladium

These are intensely metallic, like liquid foil in powder form. 🀩 The camera does them no justice. But they’re so opaque and SOOO strong that it’s hard to make them work for regular old daytime looks. If you want impact, look no further. Caesium is a green leaning and the hardest one for me to use.

Aaaand that’s all for this batch of swatches. Won’t need any more eyeshadow for the next 5 or so years when they actually might expire. 🀐 In truth, many of these colors don’t get enough use to warrant the purchase, but then again they make me happy. So far, no huge dents in anything and it’s been a year. I’m not going to pressure myself into a project pan, although it’ll be exciting to actually hit pan one day.


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