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This page focuses on the things going on in my life now.

Last updated: July 13, 2023


Touched down in Fl a week ago. 🛬 House moving is going by faster than expected and there are already people coming over to look. Me and the family are planning out what to do once we get back to our original home. It’s fun but stressful.

It’s telework until around the end of the year for me. 😭 (tears of joy) I decided to keep my apartment because this stay isn’t long enough to be worth the hassle of moving. My good friend will go there every once in a while to air the place out. (●’◡’●)

I’m still amused at the amount and variety of cheese in supermarkets. Overall, I’m much less tempted to eat junk than during the last time I was here 6 months ish ago. I got my fill back then.


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (First time!)

Crash Course in Romance (Rewatching with sister who was immediately hooked)

Can’t wait for Barbenheimer!



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