Now 1

This page focuses on the things going on in my life now.

Last updated: February 14, 2023


Still living in Osaka City and working as a translator with no plans to move or anything like that. Recovering from the financial devastation that was my trip to the US. I’m also working on shedding the weight gained from said trip by walking and cooking more.

Pikmin Bloom is helping me walk! Friend code1665 8031 3998


I’ve been looking into a non-WordPress CMS for my blog and found a couple, but I’m stuck as to how to get them running since I want to do version control through GitHub but have no idea how the database situation would work. I also like having an admin panel. Sticking to WordPress for the time being.

Picking up on where I left off with JavaScript studying: Regular Expressions


Currently addicted to Korean dramas and BCS on Netflix.
★Crash Course in Romance (2023)
★Physical: 100 (2023)
★Better Call Saul (Season 5)

Movies recently watched (within the last 6 months).
★Nope (2022)
★Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022)
★Black Panther Wakanda Forever (2022)
★RRR (2022)


Just the same songs on repeat for months.
Gideon – Too Much Is Never Enough
Ateez – Halazia
Atteez – Guerilla (Still to this day😅)