No silly post this time

March 14, 2024

Since updating this layout, I’ve written up about 4 different blog posts in the past couple days, but nothing feels right to publish. There’s also the fact that every time I go over what I write, all I can think of is how bad I am at writing (even though I know you don’t have to be a great writer to post on your own personal blog).

I’ve been reading more of what’s going on in the DRC and Palestine and everything just feels so hopeless. I also just watched a couple long-form videos about the disturbing case of gross dorks in Korea who used those Telegram chatrooms. Not even going to post a link to it because it’s just so infuriating.

There’s a serious lack of common sense hearing opinions on the issue. I don’t know how people can excuse this stuff with the most brain-dead logic. Oh, he doesn’t need harsh punishment because “he didn’t even make a lot of money.” My brother in Christ. wat.

I’ve been hearing about the 4b movement in Korea and, uhhh, it’s rough out there.

So yeaaah, posting about cute cafes or my cat doesn’t feel right at this time. 🫠

I’ll be back next time with something frivolous next time.

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