Hanami 2023 (something to sneeze at)

April 6, 2023 , , ,

Writing this a bit later than I wanted to, but here it is. I had a productive weekend of actually going out and seeing people. Leave it to the beauty of those cherry blossoms to get people to picnic in droves every single year… 🌸 Except during the past 3 years of covid shenanigans. I hung out with coworkers, friends I hadn’t seen in months, and met some people for the first time. πŸ’–

Sakuranomiya park ↓

On Saturday, I got ready and hopped on a JR train for the first time in a long time. I exited the station around 2 pm, met up with a friend, and we went into the nearby convenience store where I started getting this weird feeling behind my nose. Straaange. πŸ˜…

We made our way to the picnic spot for my friend’s day time get-together. Ended up taking a scenic detour all the way across a bridge and then back again (aka got lost) before eventually finding our group. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and pretty much every spot around had been taken up.

While there, someone I’d met a few times before showed up with a bag full of cute little plants. She apparently had way too many tomato and paprika plants. 🌱 I took two of them. Hopefully I can keep these guys alive. 😬

So my friend and I were only able to stay for a couple hours. Ya girl started…sneezing.🀧 And the weird itchiness at the roof of my mouth and behind my nose just got worse and worse. It all happened so suddenly! First time having allergies.

Cafe time

Heading back to the city for some respite didn’t help all too much, but we finally went to that one cafe near my place that we always wanted visit.

For some reason all their snacks on display were vegan and gluten-free. Judging by the dΓ©cor and aesthetics of the place, it checks out. I’ve had vegan desserts and they’re pretty awesome since it’s still just sugar and fat, but I was curious about the gluten free part. I assumed the texture would be weird and it was. A solid 5/10… The fancy caramel latte was good, but pretty pricey. Gonna blame the 場所代. πŸ’Έ

A picture of fancy caramel latte and dessert
All the caloriesβ˜•

My friend wanted to talk, and we tried but I continued to sneeze and we had to part ways not too long after. It was a bit hard to sleep at night, but the next morning I was feeling better. When I went to the convenience store, I started sneezing again. But then fast forward to right now, 5 days later, and nothing really since then. 🧐

Anyone know how this works? Is there some sort of gauge where once you reach the threshold the symptoms start up? Some people are much more tolerant than others, I guess. I’m just glad that it didn’t last for too long.

A random gif of aniamted cherry blossoms
Until the next sakura season!

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