Florida trip – Gatorland🐊

February 6, 2023 ,

In the past when I’d visit we always went to theme parks, especially with Disney World so close by. This time, we just went to Gatorland though. The last visit was around 15+ years ago. And, yes, there’s a place called Gatorland.😅 There aren’t really any rides or anything, although you can go ziplining. Cutting to the chase—At Gatorland, there are a lot of…gators.🧐

They’re very cute, and chill, and not as smelly as you’d think. A lot of the little ones were just huddled together, getting fed or climbing on top of each other for no apparent reason.

And what I mean by cute is

  • Their eyes sometimes look googly
  • The trajectory is sometimes very off when jumping to get food
  • They flop down a lot with their short little limbs that appear to almost deflate upon relaxing

Most of the alligators were small – medium ones, but there were some very big ones. It seems the small ones are kept in small enclosures… But the adult ones get to roam in much more spacious waters. It’s hard to see how big they can get in pictures… Fun Fact: Crocs are bigger and much more aggressive than alligators. Eitherway, these creatures should be admired from afar🏃‍♀️💨🐊

The place also had white gators of different kinds, as well as a few crocodiles.

At the little restaurant area, we ordered gator nuggets… I don’t really remember a distinct taste or even texture. They were definitely edible, but just the thought of it being gator meat made me stop after the first one.

You can also see other creatures and critters besides all the alligators. They’ve got different kinds of birds, insects, snakes, goats, cows, and capybaras. I think you can even pet the capybaras (most likely for an extra fee).

There’s also a long, scenic walking path that goes through some sort of swamp featuring extremely tall trees. It was a little unsettling how every direction looked the same. We walked quite a while on the path while periodically humming the Twighlight Zone theme song.😄

All in all, we arrived a little after 12:00 and stayed until closing at around 5:00. I’m glad we got to go one last time!💞

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  1. Bek says:

    Looks like heaps of fun! Haha I had never thought of gators as “cute” before – to be honest, I find their faces a little creepy. I reckon crocs are more *aesthetic*, but I’m glad I live in a part of Australia where I don’t have to worry about meeting one outside a zoo!

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