First Post

October 24, 2022

Wow, this is the first blog post I’ve made in years. Obviously, a lot has changed since the mid 2000s for online communities and what not. How cool would it be if blogging gets popular again! But maybe I’m just out of touch and people are still blogging a lot on personal sites😅

Social media can be funny and useful at times, but it tends to also often leave me not too happy or inspired, so I wanted to try blogging the old way again🖊 Even if I’m shouting into the void, I’ll try to post as if I’ve got an audience. This place isn’t really centered around any one topic, so it’ll mostly just feature the places I’ve been, or things that are tasty/interesting!

There will be food posts and pics✨

Osaka has finally opened up to tourists, COVID-19 is still totally here, the yen is like 150 for $1. Speaking of near record-breaking poor exchange rates, of course this is when I get to actually visit back home for the holidays🤐

There are still a few things that need fixing up, so I’ll try to get that done in the upcoming week. Next post might be something music or tech related…or not. Be back in a few days👀

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