Florida trip – Gatorland🐊

February 6, 2023

In the past when I’d visit we always went to theme parks, especially with Disney World so close by. This time, we just went to Gatorland though. The last visit was around 15+ years ago. And, yes, there’s a place called Gatorland.😅 There aren’t really any rides or anything, although you can go ziplining. Cutting to the chase—At Gatorland, there are a lot of…gators.🧐

They’re very cute, and chill, and not as smelly as you’d think. A lot of the little ones were just huddled together, getting fed or climbing on top of each other for no apparent reason.

And what I mean by cute is

  • Their eyes sometimes look googly
  • The trajectory is sometimes very off when jumping to get food
  • They flop down a lot with their short little limbs that appear to almost deflate upon relaxing



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