About the Site

Domain: Namecheap

Host: Frantech (unfortunately, they don’t offer hosting like this anymore for new customers)

CMS: WordPress (installed via cPanel)

Theme: Built from scratch, which is why things may be disorganized and not exactly optimized.

Back in the 2000s, I used to handcode with html and tables. Eventually I moved on to WordPress, and it’s been hard to use anything else. The GUI is just too convenient and I’m used to the PHP part of it.

For the theme, I pieced together bits of code and got the basics from the WP documentation and referenced some of the older, more simple official WP themes. I use the bare minimum amount of theme files.

  • functions.php (the brains of the whole thing, the loop to go through the database)
  • style.css
  • javascript.js (for my burger menu and alt-mode theme)
  • header.php
  • index.php (main home page that displays the blog posts)
  • footer.php
  • page.php (non blog post pages, no sidebar)
  • single.php (single blog posts, keeps sidebar)
  • searchform.php

Should probably get a 404 in there and a couple others. πŸ˜…

At one point I used Bootstrap, but this time around I just did everything myself since there’s more control and more learning to be had. Flexbox for the navigation and grid for the overall layout. I also used to use plugins but aside from spam protection, I got rid of them since they can break things and the updates can stop coming.

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